Simple Photography produces award winning photographic commissions for clients both nationally and internationally, specialising in commercial photography for subjects as diverse as portraiture, landscape, fashion, music and advertising. The studio is run by Joe Connolly and Mark K Seager, two highly regarded and respected commercial photographers who share a mutual passion for their work.

Joe Connolly

Joe Connolly has worked as a professional photographer since 1990. His initial years were spent working for magazine and editorial publications on location in Paris, New Orleans and Ibiiza. From 1994, to date, Joe started shooting for advertising agencies.

In 1999, he formed the first dedicated digital manipulation company in Scotland, The Pixel House.

His specialised talent was reflected in his diverse range of work for national clients including BBC, Tennent's, RBS, Highland Spring to bespoke work in the music industry. During this period he was a leading contributor to Computer Arts magazine, writing detailed tutorials on retouching and image manipulation. 

With an extensive background, understanding, knowledge and experience of digital medium, Joe founded Simple Photography, with co photographer Mark Seager, in 2004. Joe continued shooting national advertising campaigns for Highland Spring, Bank of Scotland, RBS, Famous Grouse, Scottish Government and Dobbies Garden Centre. This led to new avenues.

In 2010, Joe was commissioned to direct, shoot and edit 9 web based commercials for QMS Scotland. Since the success of these commercials, he has made a number of TV commercials, documentary style films and three short films. One of his films was recently shortlisted for best film in a national competition and was screened at The Royal Margate theatre in Kent.

Mark K Seager

Mark Seager has worked as a professional photographer since 2000. He began his career at The Picture House, Scotland’s largest photographic studio, at that time. During this time Mark refined his craft and developed an irresistible passion and drive for image making. 

In 2004, Mark founded Simple Photography, with co photographer Joe Connolly. His unquestionable talent reflects his award winning status, not only through acclaimed accolades but by Art Directors widespread. 

His portfolio of work clearly demonstrates a diverse range of subject matters from portraiture, landscapes, fashion to advertising. 
His modest, yet, confident approach transmits throughout his work. 

His client base is enviable: The Scottish Government, Royal Bank of Scotland, Irn Bru, Cancer Research, Coca Cola and BBC Scotland, to name a few. 

Quoted as being “Unquestionably at the top of his craft”, Mark has recently been commissioned by agencies on the other side of the Atlantic. A fitting tribute to one so passionate in his quest to explore the art of photography.

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